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ESR 5 at the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER)

The 20th annual meeting of the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) was held on 27th – 30th September in Nice. The deep blue waters of the Cote d’Azur and its dramatic backdrop for elegancy is a perfect location for a gathering. EVER is the leading ophthalmological research association in Europe, covering ophthalmology and visual sciences research. One of

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ESR 4 at the 16th International Congress of Optometry

Edouard Lafosse (ESR 4) participated at the 16th  International Congress of Optometry held in Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia on August 4-6th. This event gathered world optometry leaders, professional experts, researchers from leading educational institutions in national and international optometry, leading international professional colleges and associations from different countries and was the occasion to share the results of their research with the

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ESR2 at 13º Congresso Internacional de Optometria e Ciências da Visão (CIOCV’16), 23-24 April 2016

Laura Rico del Viejo (ESR 2) attended the 13º edition of the CIOCV taking place at University of Minho, Braga (Portugal). This event brought together about 500 professionals, students and researchers from Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. During the two days of conferences, several issues were discussed related to the causes of decreased vision, optometric examinations

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Marie Curie fellows at OPTOM 16 conference, 8-10 April 2016

Between the 8th and 10th April 2016, Izabela Garaszczuk (ESR 1), Laura Rico del Viejo (ESR 2), Clara Llorens Quintana (ESR 3) and Edouard Lafosse (ESR 4) attended the 24th International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optics (OPTOM) 2016 in Madrid, to present their work to international eye care professionals and researchers in vision science. Two oral presentations were

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ESRs at Netherlands Contact lens Congress, 13-14 March 2016

Clara Llorens Quintana and Maryam Mousavi (ESR 3 and ESR 5) along with Dr. Dorota Szczesna-Iskander from Wroclaw University of Technology attended the sixth edition of the NCC taking place in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, between 13th and 14th March. This event was powered by the NAC (Nederlandse Associatie van Contactlensleveranciers) and the ANVC (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging voor Contactlensspecialisten). The conference

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