Open-house day: “Little Scientists”, 10 March 2016

EDEN fellows Laura Rico del Viejo (ESR2) and Duygu Acar (ESR8) organized an open-house day for the Erasmus+ Program ”Little Scientists” at the Faculty of Optics and Optometry, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. For this Erasmus+ Program, 45 middle-school students came to Madrid from different European countries and spent one week in the city having scientific experiences related to the use of light.

The EDEN fellows organized an interactive session where they explained to the students, in a fun way, the use of slit lamp in the clinical setting as well as demonstrating the standard examination routine to observe the ocular surface. After this practical session, the students were able to identify the different ocular structures and comprehended the importance of a good examination in patients who suffer from dry eye disease. At the end of the event, the students received as present an agenda and a pen with the logo of the EDEN project.


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