LHS Postgraduate Research Day at Aston University, 28th June 2017

Marίa Vidal Rohr (ESR6), Alberto Recchioni (ESR7), Francesco Menduni (ESR9), and Tugce Ipek (ESR10) attended the LHS Postgraduate Research Day at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) on the 29th June 2016. The event is a platform for improving all the skills necessary to address a formal presentation in a professional conference.

Marίa Vidal Rohr (ESR6) presented her poster about “Clinical Test to Diagnose Dry Eye“, and Tugce Ipek (ESR10) showed her work in a poster entitled “Effect of Cataract Surgery Procedures on Dry Eye Using an In-Vitro Model”. Tugce Ipek has also won the Runner-Up prize for her poster presentation in Ophthalmic Research Group.

Alberto Recchioni (ESR7) presented his scientific talk entitled “A Pilot Study of small incision lenticule extraction surgery (SMILE): Dry Eye impact and early clinical outcomes”, discussing the initial findings of his PhD investigation based on Dry Eye and ocular surgeries.

Francesco Menduni (ESR9) gave a scientific talk entitled “A novel in-vitro complete anterior eye model: preliminary results”, explaining all the work done during the first year of the Phd, and discussing future developments and potential collaborations within the University.

All the ESR received positive feedback on their work by academic staff with expertise in Optometry, Biology and Biomedical engineering, making this event an exciting and productive experience.

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