ESRs at Netherlands Contact lens Congress, 13-14 March 2016

Clara Llorens Quintana and Maryam Mousavi (ESR 3 and ESR 5) along with Dr. Dorota Szczesna-Iskander from Wroclaw University of Technology attended the sixth edition of the NCC taking place in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, between 13th and 14th March. This event was powered by the NAC (Nederlandse Associatie van Contactlensleveranciers) and the ANVC (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging voor Contactlensspecialisten). The conference was hosted by Hotel Eindhoven Conference Center Koningshof and the organization was flawless.

The conference allowed people to socialise and meet other scientists and eye care professionals.


The conference was divided in to three blocks; the clinical practice program, the scientific program, and the workshop program. The latter offering a variety of workshops like “Contact lens materials: past, present and future developments”. A very high level of lectures and guest speakers talked about the most recent and future developments in the contact lens industry. For the first time, this year the NCC and BCLA started a collaboration to run a research symposium as part of NCC 2016.


This conference is growing, this year there were over 1800 attendees coming from over 20 different countries, 31 exhibitors, 250 people participated in NCC Doing Research “To Flip or Not to Flip”, 17 Free Paper presentations and 63 presenters.

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