ESRs at 9th International Symposium Acuvue Eye Health Advisor, 19-20 March 2016

ESR 3 (Clara Llorens Quintana) and ESR 5 (Maryam Mousavi) participated in 9th International Symposium Acuvue Eye Health Advisor by Johnson and Johnson between 19th and 20th March in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The conference took place at the Hilton Hotel close to the city centre. There were a wide range of CET-accredited seminars available to delegates, all of which were presented by knowledgeable professionals providing a comprehensive experience to attendees. These allowed delegates from across Europe (and further afield) to share their own thoughts and ideas.

The seminars offered a broad selection of topics such as: Myopia control, kids and contact lenses, problem of contact lens material in relation to tear film and covered the various treatment options. Of particular interest was the differences in clinical techniques, such as ‘Scleral lens fitting in Poland’ and ‘Changes in clinical services among optometrists’, which helped to highlight how delegates can learn from their international peers. At the main venue, there was a good array of poster showcasing different conditions related to contact lenses and their clinical conditions.


Socially the conference excelled at getting delegates to chat and network. This provided a great opportunity for both ESRs to meet with the local researchers and eye care professionals.

The first evening function started at the Hilton restaurant with great food and was complemented by dancing, providing an evening of great entertainment. In all, the weekend was a fantastic opportunity to keep up-to-date with optometry and vision science in Poland where both ESRs are doing their research.

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