ESR6 at BCLA UK, 12th and 13th June 2016

On 12th and 13th June 2016, Marίa Vidal Rohr (ESR6) attended the British Contact Lens Association 2016 in The Belfry (UK).

The event was all about helping practitioners to improve confidence in contact lens fitting and to remove any concerns in clinical practice.

Great and entertaining lectures were given by experienced optometrists, including Prof. James S. Wolffsohn (Aston University, UK) and Dr. Clare O’Donnel (Optegra, Germany).

The clinical workshop “Hyperosmolarity: Hides in plain sight” and “Meibography and “Dry Eye Assessment” were also opportunities for Maria Vidal Rohr (ESR6) to build up skills in dry eye diagnosis and to have a chat with other UK consultant optometrists with expertise in dry eye disease.

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