ESR2 at “IV AEOPTOMETRISTAS” Conferences 11-12th February 2017

Laura Rico del Viejo (ESR 2) participated as guest speaker in the IV Edition of “AEOPTOMETRISTAS” Conferences, organized by Asociación Española de Optometristas Unidos. Directed towards researchers, teachers and professionals in the field of vision health, this edition included six round tables about outstanding topics in the vision field:

  • Low vision, optical filters and research;ESR2-at-IV-AEOPTOMETRISTAS-Conferences-11-12th-February-2017
  • Posterior pole of the eye;
  • Myopia control and new contact lens fitting;
  • Information about optometrist working in Public Health;
  • Research in Vision Science: seniors and juniors;
  • Learning problems in childhood and visual therapy.

The organization of AEOPTOMETRISTAS invited prestigious speakers in each topic and all the sessions in conference were able to be streamed online to reach more professionals interested in the topics presented that could not be in conference in person (more than 20,000 in Spain).

Laura presented the “European Dry Eye Network”, underlining the relevant contribution of all the research lines of this platform to the future of the dry eye disease.

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