ESR03 at the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress

The Optical Society (OSA) organized the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, which was held on June 25th to 28th in Orlando (Florida, USA). The congress brings together academics, researchers and industrialists to provide a comprehensive view on the latest developments in imaging and applied optics. It covered the leading advances in imaging and optics as well as their application in the optical industry and medicine. Ten topical meetings were covered including “Imaging Systems and Applications”. This meeting brought together the latest advances in different research in engineering disciplines to design and integrate optics, sensors, digital processing, which display in image systems.

Clara Llorens Quintana (ESR3) had the opportunity to share her work entitled “Automated Image Algorithm for Infrared Meibography” in the “Imaging Systems and Applications” meeting amongst prestigious researchers in the field of imaging optics from all around the world.

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