ESR 7 at the XXI Congress of Istituto Benigno Zaccagnini (IBZ)

During the days 22th and 23rd of April 2018 the XXI Congress of Istituto Benigno Zaccagnini (IBZ) Vision Sciences Department was held in Bologna, Italy.

This year, the Congress was titled “Anterior Eye: vision science answers between innovation and contrast to changes in social and environmental contexts” with the aim to facilitate the connection between different eye professionals in the field of Optometry, Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences.

Alberto Recchioni (ESR 7) has been invited by the Director of the School Dr Giorgio Righetti (pictured above left) to present the new guidelines from Dry Eye WorkShop II 2017 report.


The aim of the conference is to examine research and the development both locally and internationally based on aging of the anterior eye segment due to increased life expectancy and the increased use of digital devices.


During the conference, Alberto presented a rapid-fire talk to share part of the latest DEWS II report including dry eye definition, clinical decision making algorithm and how to carry a diagnosis of dry eye. Acknowledgement to Prof James Wolffsohn, Prof Lyndon Jones and Assoc Prof J Craig for assisting with the DEWS II presentation materials.

Alberto is doing his doctoral thesis project with Optegra Eye Sciences/Optegra Eye Hospitals under the supervision of Dr Clare O’Donnell and Dr Andreas Hartwig.

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