ESR 7, 9 and 10 at the Visionaries 2017 meeting in London

On 13rd of December, the EDEN fellows Tugce Ipek, Francesco Menduni and Alberto Recchioni attended the Visionaries 2017 meeting in London.

The event started with a detailed summary by the latest Tear Film Ocular Surface Dry Eye WorkShop II (TFOS DEWS) report where Professor James Wolffsohn explained how to incorporate it in the clinical practice.

After that, there was an interesting multi-disciplinary debate chaired by Prof. Teifi James which had seen taking part Optometrist, Dispensing Optician, Rheumatologist, Clinical Pharmacist, Ophthalmologist and General Practitioner who shared their experience in challenging ocular surface disease and dry eye.

The event was enriched by different sponsored sessions about the latest products to manage dry eye and myopia progression.

Anna Sulley, past BCLA president, gave an impressive lecture on how to increase contact lens wearers retention based on the latest scientific publications, while Mr Shah (Ophthalmologist) illustrated the fantastic solidarity work operated by Khmer Sight Foundation in Cambodia where more than 10,000 Cambodians suffer avoidable blindness each year.

Andrew Gasson remembered with a heart-touching lecture the memory of Timothy James Bowden (Optometrist) who achieved through his priceless effort along years and years of interviews, research and evidences the book “Contact Lenses, The Story”.

The last part of the event saw Mr Ian Flitcroft receiving the Pioneers prize from Keith Temp, current BCLA president, after gave a lecture on myopia prevalence, considering all the repercussions on public heath resulting by this refractive error.

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