ESR 5 and ESR 6 at Marie Curie Alumni Association, Annual Conference, 24-25 March

Salamanca is the city of thought and knowledge. It is full of art and beauty with the old town being a UNESCO World Heritage location. Here, you’ll find majestic monuments and architectural buildings including the University of Salamanca, the third old university in Europe, where the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) for the 2017 Annual Conference on 24th and 25th March was held.

Maryam Mousavi (ESR 5) and Maria Vidal Rohr (ESR 6) had attended the conference as they were in Spain on their secondments.

The Agenda for the two days started with a report on activities carried out in 2016 and continued with a series of sessions on enhancing collaborations amongst members, poster presentation, freedom in science, science and business, and business communication skills. The first day ended by a lecture on promoting engagement of membership within MCAA and the second day involved the MCAA Awards Ceremony and announcement of venue for 2018.

The conference was hosted with great service, allowing members to network whilst enjoying the amazing canapés and cocktails. There was a walking tour which gave a historical overview of Salamanca and a social event on the first night with PhD students sharing their experiences.

A conference well delivered, look forward to what MCAA brings in 2018.

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