EDEN fellows at the “EDEN Summer School” (Aston University)

Aston University welcomed The European Dry Eye Network (EDEN) for the summer meeting that took place from 6th to 7th of June 2017.


The event started with a “Welcome meeting” held by Prof. James Wolffsohn. Afterwards, each members of EDEN presented their research work to the rest of the EDEN team in order to practice, share and discuss the different dry eye approaches related to their main project.

Over the meeting’s period, there were organised several workshops such as ophthalmic statistics, transitioning from academia to industry, organisation structure and function (Optegra Hospital), contemporary solutions in ophthalmology and dry eye, dry eye diagnosis and management and tips for career planning and progression.

In addition, the ESRs had the great opportunity to assist to a live ophthalmic surgery session where all the surgery process was explained by Optegra’s surgeons.

Apart from the workshops, there were social events in the evenings as a barbecue party organised by Prof. James Wolffsohn, in which everyone had the chance to enjoy amazing food, drinks, and good conversations.

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