EDEN Autumn meeting, 3rd-5th October 2016, Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology welcomed The Ageing Eye (Ageye) and European Dry Eye Network (EDEN) for the autumn meeting held between 3rd- 5th October 2016. Despite the cold weather, the capital of Lower Silesia kept its charm and sparkles with its appealing character. The city has a unique architectural and cultural framework, symbolised by its magnificent market square (Rynek). The city has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2016, therefore, it was an excellent choice of location for the autumn meeting.

The meeting started with each members of EDEN presenting a brief overview of their research and spoke about their projects. This was a practice presentation to deploy the message with three slides containing a sentence and a three minute talk, and continued with the Ageye group.


There were several workshops organised over the event’s period covering numerous topics such as Working in a research team, Team building skills, Communication in a research team, Verbal and non-verbal communication, Interpersonal and group conflicts, Method of resolving conflicts. Most of the workshops were practical focused on communication and group work.


Mrs. Liliana Marciniak a professional trainer and coach was invited as a guest speaker from outside the university at the event to lead the discussions. She presented an insightful analysis after each presentation and shared her tips and tricks on how to overcome the common challenges of a great presentation, team building and group conflict prevention.

There was also an opportunity to network with colleagues over lunch, which was kindly provided by Dr. Robert Iskander.

The workshop was closed by Dr. Iskander, who reflected on the key themes that emerged from the event’s discussion.

As well as the academic content, there were social events in the evenings with both groups, where everyone had the chance to enjoy amazing food, drinks, and the night life.

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