EDEN and little scientists – Expociencia 2016, 28th May 2016

EDEN fellows – Izabela Garaszczuk (ESR 1) and Edouard Lafosse (ESR 4) were sharing their knowledge with the kids and their families during the annual scientific open-door event, organized by the University of Valencia, called Expociencia.



The goal of this event is to bring science to the general public in a fun and reachable manner. Together with members of the Optometry Research Group of the University of Valencia(GIO) ESRs organized an interactive session, entitled “The human eye: tears, vision and aging”, where they were showing to the kids and families how to use light to see different parts of the human eye, from the tear film up to the retina, and explained their role.

They were showing in practice how can we see the transparent parts of the eye using slit lamp biomicroscopy, how we can assess the quality of the tear film and see the retina using 90D lens. The second part of the presentation was explaining different screening test to assess stereopsis and colour vision and explaining these processes.


All participants were excited and found these presentations very engaging. As one could expect, all children showed the greatest interest especially in an occasion to take a picture of an eye. This undoubtedly attractive part helped us to draw the entire attention of those young people and once we had cached their interest, it was easy to share our knowledge and emphasise its importance such that they will not forget it – for sure.

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